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Since I started at TTMzero two years ago, I’ve been constantly learning new things: work-wise, but also people- and culture-wise. I wanted my work to have an impact, and that’s exactly what it does.


Project Manager

At TTMzero, it feels like we have what’s called “Motivation by Purpose” - we all are doing meaningful work and have challenging tasks on the front line of technology and business.


Software Engineer

Things at TTMzero are constantly changing and developing. And I am part of it, that’s what I like most.


HR Manager

It’s the mix. Whether you like being challenged by high frequency calculations on big data and digging into complex algorithms, or want to compute real-time market indications and connect the latest technologies with modern financial mathematics - TTMzero offers a culture of excellence in a challenging environment.


Financial Engineer

I thought that coming to Berlin for work without good command of the German language would be a real challenge. But the multi-cultural, English-speaking environment at TTMzero with colleagues with similar experiences from all over the world made it easy for me to feel comfortable and adapt myself quickly.


Devops Engineer

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2019-12-11 16:41
Evaluated pricing made easy with TTMzero Real-time data analytics for Capital Markets in FIS MarketMap platform

TTMzero Real-time data analytics provides independent evaluated pricing service for various financial instruments in Capital Markets. See the benefits it can offer to your financial success.

2019-11-28 09:35
TTMzero new collaboration with FIS Global

We are proud to announce our new collaboration: FIS MarketMap - TTMzero Content in which FIS Global is now integrating our Real-time Data Analytics Solution into their FIS MarketMap platform.

2019-11-22 10:30
ZertifikateAwards 2019/2020

TTMzero is honored to sponsor this year’s reputable ZertifikateAwards 2019/2020 in Berlin, alongside Börse Frankfurt and Börse Stuttgart. Furthermore, we discuss how our Real-time Key Figures and our selection tools can offer remarkable added values for three particular categories of Bonus Certificates, Discount Certificates and Leveraged Products.

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